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29 January 2014 | Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Simtra

Global aviation brands combine forces to deliver the best technologies for airport designers


On 29 January 2014 Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design solutions, acquired Simtra AeroTech AB, a leading supplier of software for airport and road designers. Both companies are pioneers in the transportation industry with CAD based software solutions such as PathPlanner™ (Simtra) and AutoTURN® and AeroTURN® (Transoft Solutions). For more information, see Acquisition FAQ


PathPlanner (Airport)

6 November 2015 | AviPLAN™ was launched to succeed PathPlanner™ (Airport)

AviPLAN carries on where its predecessors, PathPlanner™ and AeroTURN®, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals.

AviPLAN Airside Pro | AviPLAN Airside | AviPLAN Turn Pro | AviPLAN Turn 


Obstacle Surface Planner

31 October 2016 | SkySAFE™ was launched to succeed Obstacle Surface Planner™ 

Guaranteeing safe operations through the protection of departure and approach paths is of critical importance to every airport. SkySAFE™, the successor to Obstacle Surface Planner™, assists with this challenge.




Aircraft Data Viewer

7 December 2016 | Aircraft Data Viewer 3.0 was launched

Aircraft Data Viewer™ is a smart electronic database for anyone in need of quick and easy access to aircraft specifications. The software presents data such as dimensions, steering characteristics and door locations from over 550 aircraft, all in a user friendly interface.


Aircraft Data Viewer


PathPlanner (Roads)

29 January 2014 | AutoTURN replaces PathPlanner™ (Roads)

All further development of PathPlanner (Roads) has been discontinued. Customers with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement as of 29 January 2014 are entitled to an equivalent or better AutoTURN product in appreciation of their continued business support. Transoft’s Swedish office will continue to provide technical support via email and telephone.


AutoTURN Pro | AutoTURN | AutoTURN Lite


Transoft Solutions launches Aircraft Data Viewer 3.0 2016-12-07

Now including detailed data for over 550 airplanes and helicopters....

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Transoft Solutions Launches SkySAFE 2016-10-31

SkySAFE succeeds Obstacle Surface Planner to assist with departure and approach path protection...

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Transoft Solutions Launches New Generation of Airside Planning Software with AviPLAN 2015-11-06

The successor to PathPlanner™ and AeroTURN® has landed!...

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